Dr. Sacha H. Spector
Dept of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University or Connecticut
75N.EaglevilleRd., U-42
Storrs,CT 06269

Sacha was a Ph.D. student in program of Entomology. He said: " We were presented with a methodology by which we could approach flora in nearly any part of the tropics, I don't work here in Cost Rica, but I believe I will be able to apply this methodology of designing a matrix and, slowly but surely, putting in each species that we encounter in a giving site into the matrix so that you can take this methodology and presumably apply it to any place in the tropics".

"The course has definitively gone smoothly from start to finish...., we've been treated to excellent food, no snags in terms of waiting for transportation, or hotels or anything like that, it's gone 1,2,3 with a minimum of input from ourselves as to how get things done".

"I didn't have any training of botany before this course but I would certainly recommend it to people who might be afraid of being on the short side in terms of botanical knowledge, because the professors went to great lengths to make sure that everybody understood the basic terminology and the structures that we were looking at, so I think is certainly appropriate for people with a minimum botanical knowledge in their background. I also think that the professors were really good...., in terms of their knowledge of the flora, their willingness to share, their willingness to move at the pace, at everyone's pace, at different paces and I would certainly recommend it to anyone".