Dr. Keith Shawe
Forestry Department
The Natural Resources Institute

Chatham, Kent
United Kingdom

(Second paragraph by Dr. Keith Shawe, HERBARIA. PLANT TAXONOMISTS)


"Accommodations have been excellent; more than I expected, I must say. Costa Rica is a very developed country anyway, so the accommodation reflected the needs of the tourist who flock here in large numbers, we also had a fairly well organized daily structure, traveling, lunch, etc."

Dr. Charles F. Quibell
(Professor of Biology)
Dpt. of Biology
Sonoma State University
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

(First Paragraph by Dr. Charles Quibel, PROFESSORS).

Dr. Quibell said: "This is my first intensive tropical experience"....."I came actually for some practical knowledge in being able to recognize woody trees of the tropics, particularly those that have good wood for furniture, ....". ".....Sometimes it seems that we work very hard, six days a week, ten hours a day, we get out money's worth, in a very real sense,... ". "So the course is expanding my horizons, in a very constructive and yet in a very rewarding way. .... We get to know each other all very well, very quickly which I have found in my many years of teaching is a very important thing in a class, to have a camaraderie and a generally helpful environment."

..... "This course is best described as intensive, very constructive, its pedagogy is very fine tuned and Dr. Jimenez, the course manager, sticks to it very, very diligently"....



Dr. Duane Houck
3827 Prospect Church Rd.
Ooltewah TN 37363
(423) 396 2615/
fax: (423) 238 3287

(First and Second Paragraphs by Dr. Charles Quibel, PROFESSORS).

Dr. Houck used to teach biology and now he is retired. He declared:"The course was offered in a way that a person with botanical background and one that did not had a background, everybody one could benefit." ....."When I first arrived I thought there might be a lot of primitive camping involved and I've been happily surprised over the convenience lodging and the good meals that are always available. It's been very satisfactory and helps us in using all our energy in concentrating in the subject matter that we came down here to understand more fully".

"All of the teachers have been very gracious and kind, tending to all we need and also directing us to the very interesting things that we are observing every day, calling our attention to things of importance and giving full explanations, helping us to understand and put it all on perspective".


Prof. Vera Lex Engel
Departamento de Ciencias Florestais
UNRPS-Campus Botucatu
FAX: (55)-149-21348

(Third Paragraph by Vera Lex Engel): Vera was finishing her Ph. D. studies in Forest Ecology. She teaches Dendrology in Brasil. Speaking in Portuguese, she declared (see English translation below):

"O curso foi muito bem organizado; tudo pensado nos seus mínimos detalhes. Ficamos em alojamentos muito bons, muito confortáveis, nosso transporte também foi bastante eficiente....."

The course was well organized; everything was ordered. We passed in good hotels, and transport was efficient..


Dr. Sacha H. Spector
Dept of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Connecticut
75N. Eagleville Rd., U-42
Storrs,CT 06269

(Second Paragraph by Sacha Spector):

Sacha was a Ph.D. student in a program of Entomology. He said about organization:

"The course has definitively gone smoothly from start to finish...., excellent food, no snags in terms of waiting for transportation, or hotels or anything like that, it's gone 1,2,3 with a minimum of input from ourselves as to how get things done".