First Name : Humberto
Family Name
: Jimenez-Saa
Married to : Ligia Granados Bloise. Four children.

Phone : (+506) 2231-1236;

I have academic studies and experience in Forestry (Dendrology and Plant Ecology) and in the management of technical and scientific information , including the production of video programs .I have experience as Professor both at undergraduate and graduate levels, and have written project proposals and conducted special projects for international institutions . I keep good relationships with persons involved with agriculture, forestry, dendrology, plant taxonomy, natural renewable resources and technical information. I have experience at local level in ecological and scientific tourism .

Academic Titles

  • Ingeniero Forestal (1958-1963, Universidad Distrital, Bogotá, Colombia).
  • Magister Scientiae (1965-1967, Plant ecology; Dendrology; IICA, Turrialba, Costa Rica).
  • Doutor em Ciencias Florestais, Ph.D. level (1985-1988, Information, Silviculture; Universidade Federal do Paraná, Curitiba, Brazil).

Professional Experience

  • University professor: 1963-1971; Colombia, Costa Rica, Venezuela
  • FAO consultant: 1966, 1971-1972; Costa Rica, Surinam
  • Information Officer: 1973-1975; CIAT, Cali, Colombia
  • Agricultural Documentalist: 1975-1977; IICA-CIDIA, Turrialba, Costa Rica
  • Information Specialist and Professor: 1977-1984; CATIE, Turrialba, Costa Rica
  • Doctoral studies: 1984-1988; UFPR, Curitiba, Brazil
  • Private Consultant: 1987 to the present; Training Program and Consultant at the Tropical Science Center, San José, Costa Rica
  • Different activities in tours guiding, and scientific tourism: 1991 to the present. San José, Costa Rica.
  • 35 publications ; ca 20 international meetings ; belongs to 4 associations ; has been granted fellowships from Colombian Government, the OAS, and Kellogg Foundation.

    I have traveled over Central Europe, Central America, The Caribbean, Mexico, USA, and South America.


  • Spanish: native language .
  • English and Portuguese: read, write and speak .
  • French and Italian: read .
  • Surinaams: speak .

Some data about Dendrology (Field identification of trees and shrubs)

  • A new species (Licania jimenezii) was named on my sake by Sir Dr. G. Prance, Former General Director of the Kew Garden in London. Still a valid species.
  • I acted as botany consultant for FAO in Costa Rica, Colombia and Surinam
  • For years I worked as Professor of Dendrology in Colombian, Venezuelan, and Costa Rican Universities
  • Since 1993 I have been working as Instructor and Academic coordinator of the Tropical Dendrology course given every year in English and in Spanish
  • I have published 5 Field Manuals for the Identification of Tropical Trees and Shrubs. My thesis for M.Sc. was Identification of tropical trees by means of bark and blaze characteristics.