One or two days before ending each course of Tropical Dendrology, Dr. Humberto Jiménez-Saa asks the following question to the participants: "Let us suppose that you are in another country, in similar areas to those we have visited, and somebody wants to know the family or genus of, say, 100 trees. How many trees do you think you could identify down to family level?" Here are some of the answers:

Omar Cabrera "A un 70% de los árboles". "About 70% of the trees."
Dr. Keith Shawe "I would say that at least, 60% of the time in an unknown area of Central America I will come up with something fairly concrete; I think that is a realistic figure".
Silvia Salas "Un 80% de los árboles a nivel de familia". "About 80% of the trees down to family level".
Dr. Ed Jensen "I probably be about 50% or maybe 75% accurate to family, but I think that with more exposure and more practice I will go very rapidly towards 90%, I suppose".
Esteban Guerra "50% o algo más, pero no mucho más, hasta no estar más práctico". "About 50% or more, but not too much more, not until I practice more".
Omar Lastra "Un 70%". "About 70%."
Miguel Mendieta "Yo podría llegar entre un 75% a un 85%". "I could reach about 75% to 85%".
Alicia Mena "Más o menos a un 70% o a un 75%". "About 70% or 75%".
Dr. Diane E. White OK, using the matrix that we've developed, I feel that I could identify about 85% of the plants to family, and probably 60-65% to genus.
Vera Lex Engel "A nível de familia talvez um 100% ou 90%. Até género tal vez um 60%. Me ajuda um pouco o conhecimento que já tenho. ". "Down to family level, maybe 100% or 90%" down to genera level, maybe 60%. My previous dendrological knowledge helps me to some extend".
Sacha Spector Well, this morning, using my matrix in field practice, I went 17 for 20, which is something like 85%, perhaps higher, so I believe that when I do get to my next siting in South America I should be able to recognize a very high percentage of the flora, at least to the family level, often to the genus level, and I think that at each site will differ I'll be able to add genera to my matrix.
Veerle Van den Eyden "Yo pienso que a un 80%". "80%, I would guess".
Praxedes Angel "Yo podría llegar a un 50% y al tiempo, con experiencia, llegaría a un 100%". "I could reach 50%, and after enough time and experience, I would reach 100%".
Eduardo Cueva
"Por lo que no he tenido experiencia en este tipo de bosques, un 70% ". "About 70%, because I have not had enough experience with these types of forests".