Short testimonies by former students:


By the end of each course the students are asked the following question: "Let us suppose that you are in another country and you want to know the family or genus of, say, 100 trees. How many tropical trees and shrubs do you think you could identify down to family level ?". Some of the answers are: "... up to 80% " ", ... I feel that 100%..."
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Concerning the teaching methodology, one university professor, who attended the course as a student, wrote: "... the unique teaching methodology allows the student to identify 60-85% of specimens encountered to the family level with only vegetative characteristics. I never thought this possible but the system of organization, the gradual and repetitive manner in which it is implemented, and the development of a comprehensive key or Matrix make this level of accuracy possible." ... (This is part of full text letter by Professor Dr. Alan Bjorkman).

Dr. Mark J. Plotkin, President of Amazon Conservation Team, who took our course as a student, said " I have spent 15 years in the Amazon trying to learn to identify plants. With the knowledge I got in this Tropical Dendrology course I feel that I certainly will learn during the next year as much as I learned during the past 15 years".

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Concerning organization and logistics, some opinions are:

"The course was well organized in every detail; everything was ordered. We passed in good hotels, and transport was efficient..." (Dr. Vera Lex Engel, BRAZIL).

"... We get to know each other all very well, very quickly which I have found in my many years of teaching is a very important thing in a class, to have a camaraderie and a generally helpful environment." ..... "This course is best described as intensive, very constructive, its pedagogy is very fine tuned and Dr. Jimenez, the course manager, sticks to it very, very diligently".... (Dr. Charles F. Quibell, USA)

"When I first arrived I thought there might be a lot of primitive camping involved and I've been happily surprised over the convenience lodging and the good meals that are always available. It's been very satisfactory and helps us in using all our energy in concentrating in the subject matter that we came down here to understand more fully" (Dr. Duane Houck, USA).

"The course has definitively gone smoothly from start to finish...., excellent food, no snags in terms of waiting for transportation, or hotels or anything like that, it's gone 1,2,3 with a minimum of input from ourselves as to how get things done" (Entomologist Dr. Sacha Spector, USA).

Besides, university professors -who took the course as students- have sent us letters warmingly commenting the excellence of the course and have offered to provide further information on request. Some of these letters have been reproduced in full text.

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